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50th Birthday Celebrations

Posted on 2 July, 2016 at 19:00 Comments comments (0)

No rest for the wicked haha!!!

As promised, I said I would keep you up-to-date.  

The theme lilac and purple.  I decided upon cadbury purple chair spandex covers and lilac sashes.  Something just a little different, because I like different, remember?!  

The pierre de resistence was the balloon decor!  That stole the show.  Enjoy!!!

25th June Wedding - The Watermill, Herts

Posted on 25 June, 2016 at 15:50 Comments comments (0)

What a wonderful wedding this was and proud to be part of.  Venue, the Watermill Hotel


- absolutely stunning and idealyic location to have any wedding.

I catered for 150 guests, all of whom were excited about the decor and the whole atmosphere my babybreath and cream roses theme brought.  

Busy for the next few months, but loving every minute of it.  

Until the next time!! 

Change of Logo!!!

Posted on 8 June, 2016 at 4:45

For those who are familiar with me, you may have noticed I have changed my logo and theme colorus entirely? I hope you like. I am absolutely ecstatic about it! Would love to hear your views.....Decided on the change to celebrate my expansion in the business and to celebrate where this all began to where I am now.....Yes, life is good!


Apologies for not keeping my Blog up-to-date. It's been an extremely business 2016. There is a great deal going on in terms of weddings which are abundance, events and the floral business is blooming for me. I have a fabulous strong team of workers too.


I am in the process of creating YouTube floral tutorials, to include all the fabulous tips I have learned along the way and which I wish to now share with you - it's nerve racking hahaha....but enjoying every minute of making them.


Will keep you posted also on the up and coming weddings for 2016 with photo and video stayed tuned!


Finally, will be undertaking video blogs to give you more of an insight into my work and the wonderful people have the pleasure of working with whilst on this fantastic journey.


Yes, as stated, I haven't stopped, but I am not complaining as I absolutely adore my work and long may it continue....


Stay Blessed until next time xxx



New and Exciting things for 2015

Posted on 15 October, 2014 at 4:45

I am still buzzing after the BAFTAS!


Right on to my next project haha!!!


I am currently in talks regarding holding a fabulous Wedding & Beauty Fair at the grand listed building, The Hackney Town Hall. It has taken a bit of a setback owing to past occurrences, but hoping to bring some love and light back into the area :-)


This event hopefully will take place in June of 2015. Really excited about it and currently looking for vendors to participate. Already have had a great will keep you posted!


Also in talks with holding aN exquisite MASQUERADE BALL....ooooohhh how exciting is that? Date to be arranged - in early stages, but again what a fabulous event this will be. Already found the company who are happy to personally customize masks for all my clients....FABULOUS!!!


ANYWAY, that's it for now folks haha!!!


Please keep sending that good karma my way my lovely followers :-) :-)



Posted on 5 October, 2014 at 4:40

Was proud to be a sponsor at the Black History Event at the BAFTAS and also commissioned to do the decor, which went down an absolute treat! All the guests were in awe of the table displays and so the feedback was very positive indeed! Made a great many contacts and offers of potential looking forward to big things in 2015!



Thanks to my followers - always appreciate your feedback! And for those new to my website...please do take a look around and leave a comment please - your feedback is always important to me!

OMG!!!! Bafta's is soon here

Posted on 13 September, 2014 at 4:40

And so here I am just literally a month to go before I kit out the BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly for the special occasion of Back2Black. I have all the tools and equipment needed and just raring to go to create my wonderful creation for this event! It has been absolutely mad Twitter alerts never stop in relation to this event, emails are coming in their hundreds, but am loving it!


I am blessed that a great many of my friends are coming to support me and although it will be hectic me getting the decor sorted, also looking forward to spending some quality time with them. This event, based on Black History Month will be a great stepping stone for me and I am happy to be part of it!


Will take loads of pictures on the night and post them so that you can all see my BAFTA decor,,,,,would be great to hear some feedback from you! Until 5th October...WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

May 2014 and still much to do!!!

Posted on 17 May, 2014 at 4:40 Comments comments (0)



In a tizz at the moment with sooooo much to do - from gold and black funeral arrangements (yes you heard right....beautiful fresh flowers sprayed in black and gold as the client requested) to wonderful 1st Communion balloon decor! Tired, but enjoying every minute of


Right....time for a holiday!...but will be back planning and more planning - ESPECIALLY for my BAFTAS extravaganza!!! Plans are going well and cannot wait to show you what I have pulled out of the bag.

But for now followers, as always appreciate your feedback and for taking the time to follow me on a much exciting journey....time for a much deserved break - but will catch up soon!!!


Posted on 17 March, 2014 at 4:35


I have been commissioned to do the décor for the Black History Month UK on 5th October at the BAFTAS, 195 Piccadilly!!!!!

Its the first time this kind of event will be held there - so have to pull something extra special out of my TotallySpoilt box!

Oooooh I cannot wait to get started!!!!

Fabulous catering coming soooooon!!!!

Posted on 26 January, 2013 at 3:35 Comments comments (0)

Hi guys!

Just to let you all know of the great news that one of my siblings is joining me shortly to show off his fabulous culinary delights. I have two talented brothers who are both fabulous Chefs and I have managed to reign one in haha!!! Just finalising some of his mouthwatering food pics and will have them on show very soon! Oooooh I am so excited!!!

Be sure to come back soon!

New and Exciting Products - Will keep you posted!

Posted on 30 June, 2012 at 4:35

Have been away working with the most intricate of designs for my bouquets...spellbounding pictures to soon follow.

I sincerely hope you will like - tell me what you think...UNTIL THEN STAY BLESSED!